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Accounting Can’t Cope with Boom in Subscription Business Models: Zuora

The failure of accounting methods to keep up with subscription business models was increasing the risk of companies running out of money.


Worried About Losing Your Cloud? Just Get Insurance

The North American arm of global insurer Zurich has introduced an insurance plan for companies that use cloud computing services.

ATO automate 1 million tax returns

ATO Warns of Radical Change Ahead for Tax Agents

It was unspoken at the conference but the inference was clear. The ATO is telling practitioners they must adapt or die.

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Digital Economy Chokes on Online Giants’ Low-Tax Sandwiches

These practices could lead to a bigger risk that other taxpayers stop complying and thereby erode Australia’s tax base, said the Australian Treasury.

Techly Token

Token: A Wristband That Manages Your Finances

Watch out financial advisers. Strap this little device on your wrist and it may one day be all you’ll ever need.

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First Innovation, Now Survival For Accounting Add-Ons

To date the success of the cloud accounting ecosystem has been driven by the pace of innovation. The next stage will focus on economic viability.