Why are we called Box-Free IT?

In the beginning, businesses bought their technology in lots of boxes.

There was a box for the phone system (PABX).
There was a box for the email (email server).
There was a box for the database (CRM server).

It added up to a whole bunch of expensive boxes that needed to be paid for upfront, stored, protected and maintained – and then replaced every three or so years. This cost lots of money and effort.

Now, businesses can enjoy the best IT services without having to pay for the boxes. Already, companies in Australia and around the world are saving millions of dollars buying their IT this way. This site is dedicated to helping businesses find internet-based (or “cloud”) services which are the right fit for them.

Give your business the latest technology for the lowest cost. That’s how IT should be.

And forget the boxes.


About BoxFreeIT

BoxFreeIT is an independent news site covering cloud software for Australian and New Zealand businesses which launched in July 2011. The site is published by Sholto Macpherson, a business technology journalist in online and print media for over 11 years. BoxFreeIT operates in accordance with the MEAA (Australian Journalists Association) Code of Ethics.

The only Australasian site dedicated to cloud software, BoxFreeIT attracts 30,000 unique visitors a month with a strong following of accountants and bookkepeers exploring cloud accounting programs such as MYOB Essentials and AccountRight Live, Xero, Saasu and Intuit QuickBooks Online, as well as SMEs interested in cloud software.

For many SMEs their first cloud experience is their cloud accounting program which, through the promotion of “add-ons”, is becoming a gateway to the world of cloud software.

BoxFreeIT is the key to that gateway. BoxFreeIT covers cloud accounting software more closely than any other website in Australia through in-depth interviews with cloud software company’s senior management, top competitors and most experienced accounting and bookkeeping partners.


Who is BoxFreeIT?

Editor and Publisher Sholto Macpherson

Sholto is a journalist, presenter and public speaker with 14 years’ experience writing about IT for enterprise and consumer audiences. He has written for many publications including the IT section of The Australian and IT business magazine CRN Australia. Sholto is a passionate advocate of cloud computing and its potential to transform small businesses. Read Sholto’s ethics statement or send him an email.

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