some tips when you start a apartment for rent business in hcm

Nowadays, many people start to spend their money to invest in their apartment for rent and think that the increase in the demand of renting flat will rise their benefits easily, but they forget that, in the same moment, the supply of this business also increase dramatically and create a competitive market.

Therefore, if you want to quickly get customers for your rental apartment, it is necessary to find find new value that your flat can give customers instead of just being interested in the profit that you can receive annually . In addition, you also need to consider whether the customer have not good acquaintances or use your apartment for illegal activities.

In Singapore, there are several kinds of owning estates such as luxury apartment in ho chi minh city and apartment for rent in district 1, officetel or apartment that the government build,…Before making your flat for rent, you should ask the owner of your condominium or the manager whether you can make your flat for rent.

You can get help from the broker or agency of real estate to check the personal information of potential customers such as whether the foreign customer have legal papers which allow him/ her to stay according to SIngapore legislation, or this customer will stay with how many people. After investigating the legal rules in the contract as well as discussing with the brokers to analyse the relating factors of the customers  in the processing of letting them rent flats.

I have a friend, Luke, he has a habit of carefully check the apartment before letting the customers rent and he will make sure to repair the troubles if finding out some problem. He believes that some minor mistakes such as breaking ground, leaking water or troubles with lighting…. Will dramatically affect the people intending to rent. He also take care of the safety of the flat. For example, if his customer like smoking, he will create a system to reduce the smoke and smell in the room.


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